How To Prepare Your Dog for the Holiday Season

Here we are again – everyone’s favorite time of the year. 

But between parties, out-of-town travel, family events, and everything in between, the holiday season can be overwhelming for your furry family member.

Take these five steps to prepare your dog for the holidays, visitors, and lots of exciting yet unfamiliar sights and smells. 

1. Consider Your Dog’s Personality

 Some dogs adapt well to change and chaos, while others thrive off schedule and routine. An unpredictable day could elevate their stress levels. But if you anticipate your dog’s needs and behavior, it’ll be easier to accommodate them.

For instance, if meeting new people, loud noises or too much hustle and bustle makes them feel stressed, you could give them their favorite toy to ease their anxiety. Or create a quiet place for your dog to retreat when feeling overwhelmed by guests and noises.

Another great option is a calming earmuff protector. It reduces anxiety by shielding the dog’s ear canal from loud noise and creating a gentle compression around the dog’s head to calm anxiety. 

2. Book an appointment with the dog groomer

If you plan to share your festive experience with your four-legged friend, ensure they’re looking (and smelling) their best.

Whether for photos with Santa, joining you by the fireplace on Christmas eve or entertaining your dinner guests, you want them well-groomed and ready to mingle.

3. Prepare for a white Christmas

 A white Christmas is magical - Snow gently falling outside while your family gathers around the dinner table. The laughter of kids outside building snowmen and throwing each other with snowballs. 

Prepare to dress your dog warmly, so they don’t miss out on the fun!

Let Spark Paws keep your pooch warm and happy. From beanies to snug winter jackets - We have everything your dog needs to frolic in the snow. 

4. Desensitize Your Dog to the Doorbell

Does the ring of the doorbell or knock on the door send your dog into a frenzy of barking, jumping, and misbehavior? If so, your holiday visitors may be greeted by a dog loudly proclaiming that their place has been invaded.

To avoid this, gradually desensitize your dog to the trigger. Make a knocking sound or record the sound of the doorbell and pair the sound with a tasty treat. Repeat the process over and over until your puppy responds more calmly.

5. Create a safe space for your dog

 You excitedly hand your big brother a Christmas cracker, and bang! Out pops a silly toy. Fun for you but not so fun (or safe)  for your furry friend. 

Christmas decorations and traditions could pose a risk to your dog that you might not have considered. Common dangers include strings of wire lights, Christmas trees that haven’t been adequately secured, and much loved festive treats.

We know your dog is loved just as much (if not more) as any other guest this season - Think about how you can create a happy, safe environment for him.

Christmas is a time of giving. That means giving to your four-legged friend too! Find a festive holiday design dog hoodie when you visit our site today.

We hope this Christmas will be as amazing as you!


The Spark Paws Team ♥️