Dog Pajamas for Pit bulls: How to choose the perfect PJs

Have you thought of dressing up your pitbull in cute, comfy pajamas for cold winter weather, to help with anxiety, or as an accessory for family photoshoots? 

Perhaps you’re looking for a unique holiday gift for dog lovers on your list. Or do you want to photograph PJ-ed foster pups to get adopted faster or portray their breed in a more positive light? 

Whatever your reason is, there’s just something ridiculously adorable about pit bulls in pajamas. 

But before you rush out for that cute pair of dog pajamas, here’s everything you need to know. In this article, we’ll also answer whether pit bulls need pajamas and tips to ensure you and your four-legged friend are happy with your purchase. Let’s get started!

Do Pit bulls Need Pajamas?

Sparkpaws dog pajamas

Most pit bulls could live their entire lives without ever donning pajamas. However, some pet parents dress up their pit bulls for good reasons. For instance, snuggly jammies can warm pits during the winter months.

Pit bulls don’t have thick coats to keep them warm during winter. So, they get cold quickly, especially when they’re not moving and if it’s windy.

For pit bulls recovering from surgery, PJs can likewise be an alternative to an e-collar or a plastic cone. Some pajamas keep sensitive incision sites protected and covered from chewing or licking. Still, it’s best to talk with your veterinarian if it’s a good option for your pet.

For most pet parents, jammies are strictly for a fun photo op, which is fine too!

Dog pajamas even look great for social media listings and adoption bios. What’s important is you don’t force your pitbull to wear PJs if they’re uncomfortable.

But are PJs good for your furry friend?

Well, it all depends on your dog. You know your pitbull better than anyone else. 

Generally, it’s okay to dress up your dog if they quickly settle in and tolerate other activities, such as allowing you to bathe him, putting on or taking off a collar, or approaching you for physical attention.

Dogs who love getting dressed up will also show a sign of happiness, like purrs, tail wags, and smiles. If you’ve noticed any of those signs in your pitbull, then it’s totally fine to dress them.

On the other hand, if they seem uncomfortable or stressed wearing something on their head, midsection, legs, or paws, reconsider putting on dog clothes. Sometimes, a change of material may solve this problem.

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How to Pick the Right Dog Pajamas for Pit Bulls

Pitbull in pajamas

We know you’re excited to shop for the best dog pajamas for pit bulls, but slow down for a second and take a few minutes to prioritize these features.

1. Size

The most important consideration when choosing the right pitbull pajamas is size, as Pit bulls have unique body shapes. Pajamas that are too loose or too tight can be dangerous and uncomfortable for your dog. 

Sizing Recommendations for Pit Bull Type Dogs

Take the time to measure your pitbull before giving your shipping address for checkout.  

Most dog clothes size recommendations are based on three measurements: neck, chest, and body length (from the base of the neck to the tail). You can use a fabric tape measure to determine your dog’s size.

Measure your dog while he’s standing. To measure his neck girth, remove his collar and place the soft measuring tape around his neck. To measure his length, start from the base of his neck to where his tail begins.

If you’re buying online and the store has a stock of the item you like, check the brand’s size guide. This is because dog clothes sizes vary from brand to brand.

Your dog’s size should match the product details. If your pitbull’s measurement falls between two sizes, opt for the larger size so it won’t restrict their movement.

2. Material

Pits can be allergic to certain fabrics. So, avoid materials that may rub against your pitbull’s fur and cause discomfort or irritation. Heavy fabrics and materials that tend to shed may be harder to wear if your pitbull has dry skin or allergies.

Steer clear also of harmful materials if your pet chews on them. For example, glitter is pretty, but it may not be suitable for their stomach.

Instead, search for lightweight, durable, breathable, and comfortable materials for your dog to get the best value for your money.

You should also consider getting solid colors, as patterned dog clothes that contain different dyes may bleed out. When in doubt about the material, leave it out.

Cozy pitbill lying in bed

3. Convenience/ Wearability

Snaps, buttons, and easy-release pajamas are much safer than zippers as it’s easy for their fur or skin to get caught in the teeth.

The good news is you can easily find PJs online that combine comfort and functionality with a stylish look. When the dog pajama appeals to you and your pitbull, you’ll know that winter walks will be fun for both of you.

And since there are many types of dog clothes in the dog accessories market, shop by category to quickly find what you’re looking for. 

4. Ease of Wear and Take Off

It’s also important to choose dog pajamas for pit bulls that are easy to wear and take off. That way, it won’t restrict your dog’s vision and movement. It should be easy for your dog to go to the bathroom without getting their pajamas dirty.

When ordering dog pajamas online, review the return policy. In some cases, you may be able to get an exchange or refund if the item doesn’t meet your expectation. You can avoid this by investing in custom dog clothing for a better fit.

If your pitbull isn’t into fashion, you can still give him normal pet accessories, like ID tags, harnesses, toys, and collars.

5. Cleaning

Select a sturdy, durable material when you purchase a dog pajama. And if you hand or machine wash the fabric, use a detergent with natural or basic ingredients so your dog won’t experience bad reactions.

A chemical-free pet wash is also a good investment as it retains the softness of the clothes for a longer time.

Final Words

A pitbull wearing pajamas

Dog pajamas can be necessary if the weather requires them or for safety reasons. They’re also good for photo-ops. The tips we shared above can help you choose the best dog pajamas for pit bulls that are safe and comfortable for your four-legged best friend.

Regardless of the reason your dog wears pajamas, have fun with them! Your pitbull may have a say in what’s comfortable, but the colors and designs are all up to you. So, give it your best shot to show the world how cool, quirky, and elegant your best friend is.

Here’s to a dream come true -  dog pajama onesies that check all the boxes for pups who live to lounge or snooze. They’re cozy, skin-friendly, fashionable, and designed to keep your furry friend warm during colder times.