19 Gifts for Dog Moms (and Their Pets)

Dog lovers pour so much love, energy, time, and money into their fur babies all year round. But ask any devoted dog mamas, and they’ll tell you it’s all incredibly rewarding. 

So, if there’s a special occasion coming up and you want to show some appreciation, here are some of the best dog mom gifts beyond traditional dog toys and treats. You may even want to snag some of these gifts for you and your furry friend too!

1. Dog Clock

Dog clock

A customized dog clock makes keeping track of time fun and will look good in the living room, home office or kitchen.

And the best thing about this gift is they’re unobtrusive, yet beautiful and classy. Giving a clock to a dog lover means not just giving the gift of time but a happy reminder of their precious pet.

You can even go for a personalized wood clock or a pebble print clock, so your recipient can count their time with style. 

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2. Dog Treat Maker

Dog treat makerIf your dog mom enjoys baking homemade dog biscuits, you won’t go wrong with a dog treat maker. She can even decorate her treats with pet-friendly homemade icings. 

This non-stick dog treat maker creates delicious and preservative-free treats in minutes, whether banana biscotti bones, snicker poodles, puppy pot-roast bones, or birthday bones.

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3. Unique Doormat

dog doormat

A unique bone shape doormat will remind guests of all species to clean their paws on the doormat before entering. They are made from 100% coconut fiber.

Hand-stenciled by dog lovers using eco-friendly and fade-resistant dyes, this slip-resistant doormat makes an excellent welcome mat for your human guests and your fur baby.

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4. Dog Jewelry Charm Tag

dog charm

A Cuban link chain collar and tag make an excellent gift for a dog mom. It is safe and lightweight, making her dog feel comfortable and look stylish. And it’s suitable for any occasion, like a party, date, walking, or wedding.

Stainless steel with 18k gold plating, this dog jewelry is made to last. It makes a great fashion accessory for dogs of all sizes. Strong and handsome, this Cuban link chain dog collar is truly a show-stopper!

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5. Dog Mom Tote Bag

dog mom tote bag

Whether going to the office, gym or dog park, this tote bag is an excellent way to carry essentials.

Choose a tote bag made of 100% canvas cotton to hold everything from groceries to books - and maybe even your dog’s accessories and treats. 

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6. Pet-Safe Scented Candle

dog candle


For the fur parent who loves their dog but can’t stand that wet dog smell, we recommend giving her a dog lover candle. It functions not by filling the air with a fresh scent to overpower the stink but by releasing natural enzymes to break down animal odors at a molecular level.

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7. Personalized Pet Mug

dog mom mug

A personalized pet mug is one of the best gifts for dog moms. Their coffee will taste extra delicious as they see their trusted companion looking back at them as they drink.

You can order a customized pet mug with a photo of their best friend to make it extra cute or just opt for the minimalist design coffee mug. Most pet mugs are microwave and dishwasher-safe and can come in different colors and designs.

Another option is to go for personalized dog bowls secured with a silicone material that sticks to the floor. You can tuck them into carry-on bags or the car's glove compartment.

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8. Dog First Aid Medical Kit

dog medical kit

Emergencies can happen anytime, whether your would-be recipient is traveling, running errands around town, or at home. That’s why preparing first aid supplies for humans, and their furry friend is essential.

This practical dog first aid medical kit is sure to be appreciated by any outdoorsy dog parent, especially if they enjoy taking their four-legged best friend on camping adventures and hiking.

Pick one with dog-appropriate bandages, tools, sterile absorbent gauze, surgical sticky tape, tick removers, and dressings, if possible.

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9. Dog Mom Slippers

mom dog gift slippers

Nothing feels better than cozying up with soft slippers on your feet. 

Go the extra mile by choosing a pair of slippers with faux fur lining and stuffed doggy head designs. 

These pink Dog mom footsies are polyester and come with a fabric sole and slip-resistant applique. It’s perfect for relaxing indoors!

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10. Matching Human and Dog Apparel 

dog and mom matching outfit

Is there anything better than a mom and her pup in a matching outfit? We don’t think so.

It is an opportunity to express their fun and stylish personalities and provides pets and moms with an extra layer of comfort from the cold weather.

Look no further if you’re looking for a cozy matching set of human and dog clothes. Our SparkPaws Olive Cream hoodie is made with a signature butterfly soft fabric and offers a nice stretch.

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11. Fur Mama T-Shirt

dog mom tshirt

Dog moms will adore this fur mama t-shirt. Not only is it comfortable and soft, but it comes in different sizes. 

With its classic fit and lightweight material, we’re sure this gift will put a smile on your recipient’s face. It also makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for a veterinarian, trainer, or pet adoption center volunteer.

A text that reads, “My Dog Thinks I’m Cool,” is a great addition too. Your recipient will adore flaunting her dog mom pride by wearing such a personalized shirt.

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12. Dog Hoodie

dog hoodie

Obsessed doesn’t even cover our feeling about this dog hoodie. It features SparkPaw’s signature four-way stretch (recovers both lengthwise and crosswise) and offers more movement.

It has a hole opening for the leash and has been tested on thousands of dogs to ensure the right fit. There’s also a deep V cut in the front for easy potty. The best part? It features a calming fleece interior that makes your pet feel hugged.

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13. Furbo Dog Camera

dog camera

The Furbo dog camera allows you to check up on your pet when away via video. You can also speak to them through two-way audio or give them a treat from afar! How cool is that?

This technology also alerts the owner if the dog barks so she can check immediately if something is wrong at home. Designed with the help of certified veterinarians and professional trainers, Furbo helps keep dogs happy and safe.

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14. Dog Carrier Bag

dog mom gift carrier bag

This adorable dog carrier bag allows your giftee to show her dog mom status. It’s something she can bring with her as she takes her pup on planes or in many other situations.

Not only is it safe, but it is also peaceful and cozy for dogs. And if her dog loves doing long walks but doesn’t really like walking for a long time, that’s what precisely what carrier-style dog strollers are for.

Most carrier-style dog strollers are designed for small and medium-sized canines or multiple small pets.  Go for a dog carrier bag that guarantees aesthetic design, environmentally-friendly materials, ergonomic construction, and durability.

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15. Dog Bandana

dog mom gift bandana

A dog bandana is an ideal accessory if you want your dog to look friendly, approachable, and intelligent. Dog bandanas also offer health and practical benefits, including protecting dogs from sunburn and keeping them warm.

This best dog mom gift can be slipped easily over the dog’s collar for a beautiful look! Check out this zest cooling bandana made of 100% polyester mesh fabric to keep her dog looking cool and fresh.

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16. Paw Stud Earrings

dog paw earrings

These paw stud earrings are the best choice for elegant fur moms who love earrings. After all, it’s furbaby-inspired jewelry. 

You can also have it customized for any dog mom’s birth month, which is believed to attract positive energies and good fortune.

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17. Custom Pet Portrait

dog mom gift dog portrait

This is one of the best gifts every pup parent will love more than anything else. After all, what dog lover doesn’t want to see their four-legged best friend’s face immortalized? 

A customized pet portrait adds energy and cheer to any room when displayed. Some pet portraits online are hand-painted, making any pet’s personality shine. You can also gift a custom pet portrait pendant so it’ll be her keepsake treasure for the years to come.

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18. Personalized Dog Pillow

dog pillows

A customized dog pillow is an excellent gift for any dog lover. You can put two different photos and colors (one for each side) and add a name or a little text for a personal touch.

When ordering online, consider the pillow material. It’s better if it’s machine washable, smooth, and non-fading.

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19. Pet Storage Basket

Finally, here’s a cute way to keep all squeaky dog toys organized. Throw in a few canine toys and treats to make this pet storage basket the ultimate dog mom gift!

It would also be nice if the pet storage basket was easy to carry and store. Some come with a woven rope handle, so it’s easy to collapse the bin when not used. Others are designed for multi-use, meaning you can use them as storage bins for non-pet-related items, like magazines, books, clothes, shoes, and kid toys.

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Wrap Up

Mom gifts at Sparkpaws

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these dog-centric gift ideas for the dog mama in your life. 

We know you can do better than just another frisbee, a boring treat, or a chew toy. With the internet in your hands, you’re just a few clicks away from getting them the best dog mom gift they will truly cherish.

So, surprise her with one of these unique and creative gifts. We’re sure these will make her smile this holiday season. 

Find great deals on dog mom gifts and other unique gift ideas for dog lovers at Sparkpaws today.